About Us

Founded in 2009 by Julie Abbott, thought leader, the company is passionate about supporting educators and empowering school communities. 3D-ED intrigues, challenges and inspires school systems to be the best they can for their students, staff, and community.  Having worked in the education market for 15 years, Julie became increasingly frustrated seeing powerful educational programs and services being purchased and then simply “left on the shelf”. This was common ground due to companies selling their products to schools or school districts and then moving on without thought to the implementation or strategic alignment or not understanding the support required for the school/district and personnel.  Conversely, school and district leadership had little time or their staff lacked comprehensive project management experience to effectively implement such programs without outside support. This often created systematic chaos or rushed preparations which resulted in false starts.

Our company mission is directed toward supporting strategic communications, a positive school customer experience and cultivating a “Culture of Caring”. 3D-ED products and services offer singular, modular, and comprehensive solutions to meet the unique needs of every school, district or education service center.

3D-ED cares about our students and our schools being successful. Students and parents need to feel welcomed and valued so that they become positive supporters of their school community, resulting in more engaged parents, high achieving students and empowered educators. The 3D-ED team is committed to helping schools and districts create what we like to call a “Culture of Caring” in their district and which allows them to garner the community respect and support deserved.

3D-ED offers world-class solutions for K-20 education and we are confident that you will find community engagement solutions that make sense for your visitors, parents, students and staff, while aligning with your organizations budget.