What can 3D-ED do for you?

Communications and public relations officers are some of the busiest people we know.  They work hard to ensure their district has an outstanding reputation – developing a communications plan; addressing crisis; working with the media; managing marketing and community outreach programs and also working with the board, schools and departments! It is counterproductive – two steps forward and three steps back – when a parent, staff or community member receives poor customer service! Our solutions will keep a district moving in the right direction.

  • Get Your Administrators and Staff Excited About Customer Service! 3D-ED offers strategic planning and leadership training to ensure a strong customer service framework is in place.  Every district has its own personality, strengths and challenges.  Contact Us  to learn how 3D-ED can provide support that makes sense for your district!
  • Know How Your Community Really Views Your Schools and District! Visitors to your schools and central offices walk away with an impression based on their customer experience. 3D-ED’s Mystery Shopping/Customer Service Assessment provides school district leaders with unbiased feedback in the form of a report and data showing what level of service visitors to your schools are receiving.  Our proven methodology and expertise allows district leaders to quickly identify strengths, uncover areas requiring improvement and construct an effective customer service strategy.
  • Equip School and District Staff With Training That Helps Them Succeed! Delivering excellent customer service is not a talent — It’s a skill that must be developed.  3D-ED can provide a framework that helps front line staff deliver excellent customer service and promote your district.  Regardless of your budget, our iCare© Customer Service Curriculum and/or Professional Development Training will transform your front line staff into customer service gurus.
  • Help Your Team To Overcome Customer Service Challenges! There is always that one difficult parent or employee – and some districts have many! Wouldn’t it be great if those challenging customers could be transformed into advocates, before they demand the attention of an administrator or the media?  Our professional development session, Opportunity of Conflict, provides a proven method and practical training on how to defuse those problematic situations and win-over the customer.
  • Sustain You Customer Service Success! Our iCare™ Visitor Voice Survey isn’t like any survey you’ve seen before! By simply scanning a QR code at the front office of any of your school locations or going to a dedicated web address, every visitor can give immediate feedback on their customer service experience in seconds.